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Shiftwear Presents Fashion Forward Shoes!

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Shiftwear is a new fashion forward way to express yourself on your shoes. With the built in flexible HD display and the use of an app, you can create a design to be sold or shared, or you can choose from another designer’s creation.  The HD display can be seen in the daylight and at nighttime. The shoes also come with eco friendly batteries that charge as you walk. They are also waterproof and come with Kevlar fiber outer soles. The shoes are very durable and are machine washable! Preorder and check out more details at www.shiftwear.comShiftWear Presentation Video.


Apple Unveils Exciting Products!

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apple-pencil-smart-keyboard-01Apple’s special event on Sept 9th did not disappoint!  From the new iPhone 6S to a faster iPad Pro, we have a lot to look forward to.  The Apple Pencil was revealed and will be very useful for graphic design.  Apple is aiming for a “real writing utensil” feel.  The Apple Pencil can be used with the iPad Pro.  Along with the Apple Pencil, the iPad Pro now has a 10 hour battery life, a larger screen, and is very thin, weighing a little over 1.5 pounds.  It comes with a A9X64 bit chip that makes is 1.8 times faster than the previous iPad.  Another exciting release is their new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.  They come with A 3D touch screen, which will recognize when users press and hold an item.  The new iPhone also comes with a new A9 processor, faster fingerprint sensors, new colors, and are made of a stronger aluminum.  The new Suri feature on the Apple TV along with an App Store is very exciting as well!  What is your favorite new Apple feature? We would love to hear your feedback!



Revamped Apple TV Coming Soon!

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Rumors are swirling that Apple is going to introduce a revamped Apple TV at its September 9th event.  The newest features may be a version of Siri to assist it’s users and a motion based remote. It will probably run around $200.  It will be very similar to an iPad, but for your TV!  If you could pick new features for the revamped Apple TV, what would it be?Capture Sept

Astropad Mini App

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If you love to take photographs or tweak your graphics on the go, the Astropad Mini App is now available to download on your iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch.  The original version of Astropad allowed you to use your iPad in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop and other imaging applications for communication with the Mac.  Now not only does Astropad Mini come with the same functions, but it also comes with Apple Watch support!  You can zoom into a graphic on your Apple Watch and can also customize functions.  Astropad Mini is only $5 and can be used to correct blemishes etc. on photographs.  Use Astropad Mini as your own personal graphic tablet and release your inner graphic lover!


Capture new



3D Printing is Making Headlines Around the World!

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3D printing is taking off!  In Rotterdam there was a fuel-efficiency challenge and a team from Poland made a small vehicle that went 640 km on a liter of fuel.  In Italy, an engineer named Federico Ciccarese created a 3D printed bionic hand where all five fingers move.  In Haiti, there was a shortage of umbilical cord clamps so the team of nurses and doctors began printing umbilical cord clamps using a 3D printer.  I am looking forward to what the future brings, how about you?


L’Oreal’s new venture, to 3D print human skin!

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L’Oreal wants to team up with Organovo to 3D print human skin.  Per L’Oreal, “our partnership will not only bring about new advanced in vitro methods for evaluating product safety and performance, but the potential for where this new field of technology and research can take us is boundless.”  Organovo is already known for 3D printing a human liver and is one of the first companies to offer 3D printed human organs.  L’Oreal has previously used skin samples donated by plastic surgery patients to test their products.  This new endeavor has been met with mixed reviews.  The new technology could be useful for burn victims.  3D printing is making it possible for many different ideas to come to life!_83089659_l'oreal

Barilla 3D Pasta Printer Coming Soon!

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Barilla has been working on 3D printing their pasta since 2013.  In 2014 they ran a competition for pasta shapes to be submitted for possible 3D printing.  Interesting ideas such as the one by French designer Loris Tupin were submitted.  Loris submitted a pasta rose that blooms in water.  Barilla plans to debut their 3D pasta printer at the Milan EXPO 2015.pasta-maker-barilla-to-show-off-its-pasta-printer-1

New MacBook Available!

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2015_new_macbook_goldWatch out Apple lovers, there’s a new MacBook in town!  Apple has stated that this MacBook has its “thinnest, most energy-efficient Retina display ever on a Mac.”  It also has a new Force Touch trackpad that makes it easy to look up the definition of a word or preview a file.  The USB-C port allows you to charge quickly, although it has up to 9 hours of battery life.  The MacBook has a new operating system OS X Yosemite and IOS 8 which makes it possible to make and receive iPhone calls on your Mac.  You can also turn on the personal hotspot on your iPhone from your Mac so you can get online quickly.  The new MacBook is starting at $1299, comes with a 12 inch display, and comes in Gold, Space Gray, and Silver.

iPhone 7 Rumorville!

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Apple-iPhone-7Get ready Apple lovers!  There are rumors of I Phone 7 being released around September 2015.  It may be made of the same material as the Apple Watch Sport (Aluminum Alloy.)  Apple also purchased Beats last year so it may try and compete with Spotify silver-apple-logo-apple-picturemusically.  The I Phone 7 may also have curved screen edges and may have a more durable screen. Apple SIM which allows you to switch networks without switching SIM cards and Force Touch may be included as well.  Force Touch will allow the display to notice the strength of presses and will respond in different ways.  Currently the Apple Watch is using Force Touch.  In the meantime, try building your own iphone projector to enjoy your movies on a big screen!  The link is provided below.

Build an iPhone projector cheap 

Create your Own 3D Printer for Under $200!

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On a bud2015-04-30_220148_preview_featuredget and want to get a 3D printer?  Now you can, thanks to Almus Yang.  He has created a 3D printer that can be built for under $200 (depending on where you purchase the parts).  A laser cutter will be required though to make this printer.  You will have to go to the hardware store and follow his design plan and then Yang’s instructions will lead you to 3D printer glory!  He cleverly named his 3D printing device “3D Printer of Sauron’” due to his love of Lord of the Rings.  The design plans are available on Thingiverse.com.